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Side-Power, a world-leading thruster brand, has been rebranded under its original name, Sleipner.

Best known for manufacturing thrusters in the recreational and commercial marine industries, Sleipner has achieved success with other product lines, such as its Vector fin stabilisers. The Norway-based company wishes to ensure that all partners and customers can easily identify its product range.

Sleipner was founded in 1908 and spent its first 60 years primarily as a motor manufacturer for fishing and leisure vessels. When it pivoted to being primarily a bow and stern thruster manufacturer in the 1980s, the Side-Power brand was introduced as a direct reference to the function of a thruster, propelling the boat side-to-side. The name is ideally suited for a thruster manufacturer, but as the company expanded its product offering with stabiliser fin systems, windlasses, hydraulic systems and steering systems, the name did not quite fit all the products it had to offer.

While the logo and packaging may be changing, the top-notch engineering, quality, and reliability of the company will remain the same. The rebranding exercise also opens the door for future developments and further expansion of its product offering.

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