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While other thrusters can take days to install and should only be done by a professional, Sideshift’s revolutionary design is the perfect DIY project. 

Since introducing the marine industry’s first externally mounted bow thruster almost two decades ago, Sideshift Inc. has helped thousands of customers in over forty countries experience stress-free docking in virtually any weather condition.  As an industry leader in easy-to-install external mount bow and stern thrusters, Sideshift offers solutions for all types of boats including cruisers, sports boats, wakeboats, pontoon boats, houseboats and trawlers. 

Perfect for all boats up to 18m, the unique universal mounting system requires no holes below the waterline, eliminating the risk of leaks associated with all other types of thruster systems.

Unlike other products that have the thruster motor mounted inside the hull which produces significant noise and vibration, Sideshift thrusters are completely silent and vibration free. 

Shipped as a complete kit with thruster, controller, mounting hardware, wireless joystick (eliminates wire runs to the helm), wireless handheld remote, fuse with digital voltage indicator, and battery switch, installation takes less than a day.

Sideshift delivers safe and stress-free docking every time with affordable thruster solutions for virtually any type of boat, in any type of weather condition.

Sideshift is currently looking for a New Zealand agent for its unique thruster system.

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