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Simrad’s new version includes upgrades around AIS, radar display, and greatly enhanced integration capabilities.

The latest Simrad software update was released this month for its MFDs, packed with the latest technology and visual enhancements. The updates include a series of radar interface improvements and features focused on safety, like Dangerous Target Alert and enhanced integration with partners.

The new radar improvements make it easier to view, track and monitor vessels, and identify vessels that may risk the user’s course. New icons for the AIS and symbols for radar tracked targets allow greater clarity of risks and can be combined into one unified view on your screen. In addition, several features in this release enhance connectivity, comfort and control with product integrations, including the CZone Control Bar for digital switching, SteadySteer support and Mercury Smart Tow for optimal tubing, water skiing and wakeboarding speed – each easily integrated into Simrad MFDs.

One of the critical safety updates is the new Dangerous Target Alert that warns the operator of dangerous radar and AIS targets according to the target parameters in “Settings” and “Tracked Targets”. The dangerous target alert provides a simple diagram in a pop-up window that shows the range, the graphical bearing and heading of the vessel concerning the operator’s vessel.

And visually, the moving radar and AIS targets will now display a graduated trail showing the vessels post position history for enhanced situational awareness. New icons for radar tracked targets and symbols for AIS targets also make for more precise viewing. In contrast, the radar display’s new look includes a more modern Plan Position Indicator (PPI) with clearer numbers and a scaled boat icon (with setup) for the user’s vessel.

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