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Simrad have been supporting the marine industry for 75 years.

Simrad Yachting, is recognising its 75th Anniversary this summer with a slate of initiatives.

These include the celebration of boating’s ability to bring people together, detailing the history of notable Simrad products and publishing its own list of Simrad 75 Great Boating Destinations.

“Our heritage in marine electronics goes back to 1946, when surplus radios from the war were converted for use on commercial vessels and Simrad’s very name comes from the amalgam of Simonsen Radio,” said Mike Fargo, Executive Vice President of Simrad at Navico, its parent company.

“Since then, Simrad’s innovation and technology has been featured on hundreds of thousands of water crafts over the decades from small RIBs and sportfishing vessels to luxury cruisers and superyachts. Our core focus has always been to enable boaters – whether that’s for fun, relaxation, sport, adventure or work.”

NSE12 RTM 4.0

The first of three anniversary videos include a brand video that kicked off the 2021 anniversary year and spotlights historic Simrad products dating back seven decades. This spring, Simrad unveiled two short vignettes emphasizing the adventures and personal bonds that are created out on the water.

Earlier this month, Simrad unveiled a list of some of its noteworthy products through the years that have influenced marine electronics and provided enjoyment to millions in the boating community across the world. They include the RS80 Simrad VHF Radio, B24 Broadband Radar, NSE Multi-Functional Displays, AP™50 Autopilot, and the NSOevo3S™.

A150 transponder

Recently, the World of Simrad blog also announced its own list of 75 Great Boating Destinations where powerboating and sportfishing reign supreme – a bucket list of sorts for the power cruising, sport fishing and luxury yachting enthusiasts around the world. By tapping into the brand’s rich boating heritage and global reach of its passionate personnel, Simrad released the poll identifying favourite boating hot spots for its birthday year.

Product and boating experts at Simrad Yachting around the world nominated their favourite powerboating and sportfishing locations which was then narrowed down to a final selection of 75. The focus was on small town departure points for offshore cruising or specific small bodies of water or islands that make for a unique and special boating experience.


The U.S. led the list with 11 selections, while New Zealand and Australia each notched six. Mediterranean countries like France, Greece, Italy, and Spain also had multiple nominations.

“There are some amazing places to explore in this world and doing it with Simrad electronics makes it enjoyable and extraordinary,” said Fargo. “A big congratulations to our Simrad 75 Best selections.”

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