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Skipperi has added Geo-fencing to its fleet of boat share vessels in Auckland.

Skipperi NZ has added geofencing to its fleet of Haines Hunter SF545 boats in Auckland.

With geofencing, Skipperi will now notify its users about shallow waters, speed restrictions or maximum speeds in harbour areas to hazardous zones and protected areas for birds and seals. It works via the onboard chartplotter’s GPS signal, and there is a notification on the plotter screen and a warning sound when a boater is, for example, exceeding the speed limit.

“We believe that by bringing this type of technology into boating, we can create an even safer and smarter boating experience for our Skipperi members. With an active boating community, we want to take the lead in utilising new technology to ensure smarter & safer boating. We are also in a unique position to test new technology and ideas and get instant feedback from our members,” says Skipperi New Zealand CEO Alexander Rosenthal.

 “In the next phase of Skipperi, we see the potential to work with environmental authorities and organisations to protect other sensitive locations like pest-free islands and areas where there is endangered sea life.”

Initially established in Finland in 2017 with 300 boats in service throughout Scandinavia, Skipperi launched into Auckland in June, and by Xmas will have a fleet of fifteen Haines Hunter SF545 boats, each powered with a Yamaha 115hp four-stroke outboard.

One of the fifteen Haines Hunter SF545’s in the Skipperi NZ fleet.

Booking a boat is incredibly easy, with access to the dock and access to the keys for the boat is all done through the Skipperi app. Once the day’s boating is complete, users simply refuel the boat, replacing what they have used, so the boat is full for the next day’s adventure.

The Skipperi fleet of Haines Hunters is kitted out with life jackets for all passengers of all ages, in addition to other necessary safety equipment. Pricing starts at $279 per month for weekday usage to $499 a month for use across an entire week. Reservation durations are 7.5 hours to 24-hour periods.

Skipperi takes care of the boats’ maintenance, equipment, insurance and boat availability. Most Skipperi boaters are experienced skippers. However, online courses are provided through the Coast Guard’s boating education platform as part of the membership. Practical training on the boats is also included in the subscription for beginners and more knowledgeable boaters alike.

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