Smartgyro Launches SG20 Gyro

by admin

The new unit for 14m-17m vessels expands the Smartgyro SG series. 

 Gyroscopic stabilisation technology specialist Smartgyro is introducing the new SG20 unit for boats from 14m to 17m. Showcased to the global market for the first time at this year’s Cannes Yachting Festival, the latest addition to the advanced SG series brings Smartgyro’s industry-first design benefits and advanced roll reduction technology to boat owners and builders for the mid-size vessel range.

The innovation of the SG20, and all Smartgyro stabilisers, is the cutting-edge modular mechanical design, ensuring the range is unique to the market as the only gyro units that can be serviced, maintained and assembled directly inside the boat.

Negating the need for the whole gyro to be shipped back to the factory, the structure of the units enables seamless installation and onboard maintenance. The sophisticated stabilisation solution, therefore, minimises time spent on maintenance and reduces vessel downtime while creating new design opportunities for builders and increasing the potential for installation in 

The key advantages of the new SG20 are the cost and time savings created because complicated maintenance activities and servicing can be performed on the bearings onboard without removing the whole unit, plus the stabiliser can be assembled directly inside the boat. Ideal for both new builds and refit installations, the SG20 features design innovations within the control electronics, braking system, liquid cooling system and vacuum enclosure to maximise roll reduction, performance and efficiency.

The Smartgyro SG20 weighs 495 kg, gas a rated speed of 9500rpm and angular momentum of 5900 Nms at rated speed. The SG20 is available for shipment from Q1 2022.

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