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Built as a replacement for the hugely successful Stabicraft 1410, the all new 1450 is everything the 1410 was but better. Barry Thompson checks out this awesome little boat.

When Stabicraft released the first 1410 a few years ago they laid the seed for what was to become one of their most successful boats ever. Boaties loved the openness, stability, layout and the ability of the boat to be ideal for whatever task it was assigned. Inshore fishing, towing the family on water toys, adventure boating, diving, or cruising inland waterways, the Stabicraft 1410 had all the answers.

Like every model, no matter how successful there is always room for improvement, so when in 2020 Stabicraft introduced the 1450 as the 1410’s replacement, they knew they had something that was going to be a winner.

And they were not wrong. Currently it is the biggest selling model in the Stabicraft range and, it is set to supersede the success of the 1410.


It has been described as an absolute beast of a boat, especially amongst the fishing fraternity. If you are looking for a boat to handle some choppy water and venture a bit further offshore, then don’t let the size of the 1450 (4.42m) scare you off. It already has a reputation for being a great performer in choppy sea conditions, albeit under 5m. However, it still is a small open boat so I would not recommend buying it if you are into a lot of blue water boating. Size does matter and Stabicraft have plenty more models to cater for that sector of the market.

Hull construction for the 1450 is 3mm hull and tube thickness, with a dry weight of around 290kg and a tow eight of approx 720kgs. The hull is an 120mm in length and 190mm of beam over the 1410.

The sides of the 1450 have a height of 680mm, with the same wide flat side decks retained. The pontoons are foam filled for maximum safety and buoyancy with the boat carrying the CPC Floatation Certification, so technically it will not sink even when filled with water. The deck is also self-draining.

The 1450 features Stabicraft’s patented Stabicraft’s Arrow Pontoon design which is designed to soften the ride. The company say that by raking back the welds on each pontoon join there is a smoother transition where the water comes up off the hull and meets the pontoon, as the wetted surface area is much smaller. Wide overhangs and chines add to the dryness of the boat,


Personally, I favour side console boats as you don’t encroach too much into the working space of the cockpit. When I drove the 1450 on my own, in choppy water with a single 25 litre tote tank, I had to make sure the tank was on the port side below the transom, so as to achieve a level trim. Stabicraft offer the 1450 Frontier as their console model, but if you still want more open space, then the boat is sold as the Explorer for tiller steer outboard power.

The 1450 Frontier Sportfish comes with a side console and upholstered seat as standard as well as an 70L Icey-Tek chilly bin with a padded seat.

If you want to step up then Stabicraft offer the 1450 Frontier Profish, which has additional stainless steel rodholders, belting up paint, dash windscreen and dual boarding platforms all as standard features. Coupled with optional features like port side dash and Fish Pro seats, the 1450 Frontier Profish is ready to compete with much larger boats. The base price difference between the 1450 Sportfish and the 1450 Profish is around $4000, depending on the power choice.


The extra space in the 1450 is amazing and everywhere is used. Forward there is loads of seating and storage and a high platform for casting. Extra wide aft side decks can be utilised as seating or the perfect place to sit with your SCUBA gear on before rolling over the side. The anchor tackle is kept in a bin under the forward deck.

The 1450 Frontier powder coated side console is a hard-wearing, compact unit that gives the driver comfort and visibility. The console is mounted to the starboard coaming and up off the floor, keeping the deck space largely unobstructed and allowing you to carry a large amount of gear. The deck comes standard in alloy chequer plate with a faux teak optional. This is also ideal for the wide side decks.

Boarding steps either side of the high transom make access to and from the cockpit a breeze, ideal for divers and swimmers. There is enough space to fit an after-market live-bait tank. The 1450 comes with eight rod holders and of course you can still add more. Game poles are also popular.


It would be far to say that the 1450 Frontier punches well above it’s weight and has the performance and handling of bigger boats. Toss it around and the hull hangs on like on rails. It turns flat and with extra weight in the bow from adding something like a trolling motor, the hull takes advantage of the deep forefoot. With 50 hp you can expect great economy with figures like 4000rpm @ 31 km/h and 3.9 km/l. With a standard 25 litre tote tank that gives you nearly 100 km/h range.

Certainly a great boat in the sub 5m range that has the versatility to suit most needs.

  • MAKE/MODEL: Stabicraft 1450 Frontier Sportfish
  • Builder: Stabicraft Marine
  • Priced From: $NZ35,000
  • LOA: 4.42m             
  • Beam: 1.89m             
  • Deadrise: 15 deg
  • Construction: 3mm               
  • Hull weight: 290 kg            
  • Tow weight: 720 kg
  • Horsepower: 30-50hp
  • Power: Mercury 50
  • Trailer: DMW

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