Taiga Introduces New Electric PWCS

by admin

Propelled by the strong response to its electric snowmobiles and premium Founders Edition electric watercraft, Taiga Motors is launching two new electric PWCs.

The Orca ‘Sport’ and ‘Performance’ models are an essential next step in Taiga’s roadmap towards accelerating sustainable boating. Powering the new models is the same evolutionary Taiga RADIX powertrain platform found in their TS3 electric snowmobiles. The shared powertrain architecture not only offers enhanced performance and reliability under extreme conditions but also drives down costs across vehicle segments. 

“It is exciting to see the intensive R&D behind our electric platform accelerating the rollout of new models. Alongside this, we have made great progress with our manufacturing partners to introduce Orca models at a lower price point sooner than expected,” explains Taiga CEO Samuel Bruneau.

The Orca Sport model starts at USD 15,000, offering 120 HP while weighing just 533 lbs. The Orca Performance model starts at USD 17,500, offering up to 180 HP and an optional 3-person tow sport package with instant low-end torque. In the premium segment, Taiga offers a full Carbon Performance model starting at USD 24,000, with enhanced drive dynamics and options for tailored colour and material selections.

At full throttle, the Orca emits up to 20 times less noise than competing combustion PWCs. Users switching from combustion engine models will also enjoy the zero-maintenance powertrain and the absence of refuelling.

Currently, there is no dealer for Taiga PWCs in New Zealand.


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