The Future is Now

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It seems that there is no limit to new boat designs and the futuristic-looking Wally 27m WHY200 is evidence of that.


The Wally WHY200 takes a whole new look at cool. Providing a ground-breaking owner’s suite in the bow and delivering up to 50% more living space than traditional yachts of its length but without making the speed concessions of a displacement yacht, it offers a solution you’ll want to get on board with.  

What happens when you take the living space and lifestyle advantages of a 33m superyacht and fit them into a vessel that is 27m? The outcome is Wally’s new WHY200, the latest motor yacht to come from this visionary builder.

By absorbing prized space conventionally used for exterior walkways into a unique, full-beam saloon, the WHY200’s 61sqm open-plan contemporary living area is increased significantly. Being 50% larger than most saloons found in the yacht’s category, the expansive space benefits from a structural central carbon fibre staircase, linking the lower deck’s accommodation to the upper deck’s stunning glass-encased sky lounge. 

The numbers speak for themselves in showing why this yacht is so remarkable. The WHY200 provides more than 200sqm of indoor living space, including a 22sqm upper deck interior and a 100sqm main deck interior. The lower deck has a typical footprint for the yacht’s length, given over to three or four double guest cabins (depending on the choice of layout option). Still, the crew and service quarters have the largest capacity for the class, with the galley and three cabins for up to five crew members spread over 32 sqm.

A unique feature of the WHY200 is the owner’s stateroom in the bow, providing uninterrupted 200-degree views through vast windows. Of course, fun in and on the water is a key attraction to the yachting lifestyle, and the WHY200 brings this in abundance. Fold-out wings expand the beach club area to the kind of magnitude seen on a superyacht, spanning 32sqm with access to the sea on three sides, creating a whole new level of enjoyment at the waterline. With not one but two concealed garages, there is unprecedented storage capacity for the yacht’s size category, ingeniously stowing a 4m tender and numerous water toys.

The WHY200 is the first Wally Hybrid Yacht: optimised for both full- and semi-displacement cruising. It sits perfectly between the voluminous but slower full displacement yachts and the restricted but rapid planing yachts. Combining advanced naval architecture and an adaptive multi-propulsion system, the WHY200 has been designed to cruise at an impressive 20 knots in hyper displacement mode.

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