The Wow Factor-54m Czyzewski Trimaran

by admin

The Czyzewski trimaran concept is all about the “Wow!”

Some say Batman would be a sailor if he saw it, others dream of it flying across the oceans as if the captain is a Jedi knight aboard his starship. No matter what visions this unorthodox design lays before your eyes, you must admit, you’ve never seen anything quite like it. 

The yacht concept’s designer, Czyzewski Design, is a Polish prototyping and design service that used its computer-aided design prowess to produce the stunning renderings of maverick trimaran. The designer set out to create something new in the yacht category. And they succeeded. The slim design coupled with a trimaran base is fashioned to produce a more stable position on the water. The trimaran’s eye-popping design of black and white is set in luxury with chrome and golden elements.

The main goal was to create something new in the category of motor yachts. The slim shape with two additional hulls makes the design stand out. In addition to the design itself, the designer wanted to create a luxurious look.

The 57m trimaran has a massive beam of 46m, displacement of 48,000kgs and can carry 3600 litres of fuel, 1600 litres of water and will carry a crew of 35.

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