Trade Zone Addicted To Fishing Is Back

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Host and creator of TradeZone Addicted to Fishing, Nicky Sinden, says viewers are in for a treat when the new season hits screens.                                 

“This season will blow all our other seasons out of the water,” says Sinden. “We’ve always tried to be different and give viewers a variety week to week, and this time we’ve pushed the boat out. There’s a lot more underwater action, more of a focus on fish utilisation, preparation and cooking, and a huge mix of people and places featured.”

Sinden says she and her team had to think on their feet when the COVID-19 lockdown stopped them from filming part way through their schedule, which has lent a unique flavour to her seventh and final season of the show.

“While we were in lockdown I got bombarded with messages from people asking all sorts of questions about fishing”, says Sinden. “There were so many questions about where to find fish, how to catch them, what gear to use and how to prepare them, so we tried to answer as many of those questions as possible. Our Kingfish Special and Snapper Special episodes will appeal to anyone who wants to know the ‘A to Z’ of these fish.”

She also says the forthcoming Season 7 is all about the ‘grassroots’ of fishing, featuring down-to-earth, real-life characters, in pursuit of fish that are realistically in reach of all Kiwis. But that doesn’t mean there’s a shortage of seriously big fish in Season 7, and viewers who tune in on 25 July to see the first episode will be treated to a taste of landbased big game fishing, as Nicky heads to Tauranga Harbour to wrangle huge bronze whaler sharks off the beach.

“This season is so different, and we had so much fun filming it. I’m really excited to share it with everyone”, says Sinden.

Tune in to the new season of TradeZone Addicted to Fishing from 25 July, at 5 pm Saturdays on Prime TV. 

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