Tristram’s Service Centre Manager – 25 Years

by admin

This month Tristram Marine are celebrating Service Centre Manager, Warwick Pilcher’s 25th anniversary with the company.

“He is an exceptional leader who has been instrumental in Tristram Marine’s growth for quarter of a century”, says Tristram Fink, Business Development Manager of Tristram Marine.

He added that Warwick is dedicated to enhancing client experiences both on and off the water and is the lifeblood of Tristram Marine’s premium level of boat-owner customer care and satisfaction.

“Tristram Marine’s team, owners, our suppliers and the wider Tristram community value Warwick, respect him, and thank him for his hard work, dedication, and commitment to everything ‘Tristram’, said Tristram.

Tristram recently opened their new state-of-the-art service c entre alongside their showroom and production plant in Te Rapa Park, Hamilton.

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