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Keith Teynor & Josh Northrop to join the Maritimo Americas team.

Leading Australian luxury motor yacht manufacturer, Maritimo, continues their dominance in the Americas, driven by new model launches and a focus on customer service. To ensure that they deliver their renowned customer experience, the company announced that two industry veterans, Keith Teynor and Josh Northrop, will be joining the Maritimo Americas team. Teynor and Northrop bring with them more than three decades of experience in the boating industry.

Keith Teynor will join the company as Managing Partner for Maritimo Americas, taking the helm from Maritimo Americas President Dave Northrop and overseeing sales, logistics, marketing, and service for the company within the United States, Canada, and South America. And while his experience includes over a decade working in sales and managerial roles for the largest marine retailer in the U.S, his first experience with Maritimo stretches back to his time as the president of private lending for a national financial firm, where he conducted several transactions with the company on the client side and got to know the Maritimo team.

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