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Always pushing the boundaries of innovation, NZ based company, Vesper Marine delivers a product that meets all the communication needs of both the modern day and future boatie.

 Vesper’s Cortex has redefined VHF by offering high speed and advanced monitoring in a simple, easy to use package proving to be popular in larger trailer boats.  A lot of that popularity is due to the protection offered by Cortex’s unique Geofence feature. Trailer boats left in a driveway while the owners are at work, or left at the holiday home during the week, can be particularly vulnerable to theft or damage.

Cortex’s remote monitoring and control features also enable owners to easily check their boat’s systems and, if necessary, take steps to alleviate any problems. For example, before a trip out, owners can check whether their batteries are fully charged and, if not, remotely switch on a charger so that they will be. Owners can also use the Cortex Monitoring App, which provides twice daily updates, to check the levels of fuel and water on board and to make sure fridges are on or turn them on in advance, so they are ready when the crew arrives.

Other features proving popular with trailer boat owners are Cortex’s in-built smartAIS, its sophisticated hands-free VHF use and the handy Anchor Watch. Cortex provides the ability to run multiple wired and wireless handsets, so that owners and crew can have full control of their VHF from anywhere on the vessel.

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