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The first dedicated charger for electric boats in the world was recently opened on the west coast of Norway.

While the automotive industry is embracing electric vehicles, and providing an ever-expanding chain of charging stations, the marine market has until now had virtually none. A Norwegian marina has changed all that with the install of the world’s first electric boat high-speed charger. The supercharger is the first in a series planned along the Norwegian coast.

The supercharger on the dock enables the charge of electric boats and cars at lightning speed with more than 150kW power!

The difference between a usual charger and a supercharger is differentiating the time of charge. (Allowed by DC plugs installed on boats). Where regular charging from a plug at home for example can take hours, a supercharger on the other hand is “Lightning” fast. Fast chargers are offering between 40 to 150 kW, while the Florø Marina charger has 150 kW power and can be used by anyone with an electric car or electric boat via a connected APP.

The Florø supercharger is already becoming an important part of the charging journey along the Norwegian coast. Even though there are not yet many electric boats at sea, it is important to build the chargers infrastructure to facilitate the transition. In addition to allowing electric cars and recreational boats to charge, the superchargers are also essentials for workboats that switch to electric.

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