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 A world’s first unmanned, marine fuel station for sustainable fuels, by Fossil Free Marine

Swedish company, Fossil Free Marine has filed for patent and design protection for new unmanned marine station for renewable fuels.

This comes after several years’ development work, based on proprietary environmental and risk analyses and certifications performed by a well renowned global certification body resulting in a ground breaking product in the marine segment. With this solution Fossil Free Marine target the large global market of privately owned and commercial boats up to 30m.

Compared to existing technology, the new marine fuel station from Fossil Free Marine offers several distinct advantages, in combination essentially setting a new world standard in safe and environmentally friendly storage and distribution of liquid fuels, including modern drop-in biofuels.

“I am beyond thrilled that we have come to this point in our journey, that started almost ten years ago, when my co-founder Niklas Sjöö made the first designs for a completely new type of marine fuel station. During that time, the world has developed in a direction where sustainability and solutions that minimise climate impact have become increasingly important, says Karl-Oskar Tjernström, co-founder and CEO of Fossil Free Marine, and continous;

The first and second units, scheduled for production and installation in prime locations near central Stockholm during the second and third quarters of 2022, are partly funded by Swedish Government investment grants.

– Our new marine fuel station, years in the making, is designed based on a risk analysis, performed by one of the leading certification bodies within shipbuilding and marine safety, identifying all potential risks and hazards associated with existing marine stations. The new filling stations set a whole new world standard in safe and environmentally friendly storage and distribution of fuel to boats.

“By using composite technology, originally from the military naval industry, we achieve numerous advantages, such as low weight, high internal volume and compatibility with any type of liquid fuels, like renewable diesel, biogasoline or even coming e-fuels, and it will deliver for at least another 50 years, says Niklas Sjöö, co-founder of Fossil Free Marine.

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