Yamaha Introduces New V6 Outboards for 2021

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Yamaha Marine has kicked off 2021 with the release of new product offerings including updated V6 Offshore outboards.


With its V6 Offshore models being popular with recreational and commercial users alike, Yamaha asked its customers how to improve upon the Yamaha V6 Offshore. Their response: “Don’t change the basic design.” Customers also gave Yamaha some great ideas for how to make the reliable platform even better. The result is the most feature-rich V6 outboard Yamaha has ever produced.

The new F225, F250 and F300 V6 Offshore models boast built-in Digital Electric Steering (DES – F250 and F300 only), Thrust Enhancing Reverse Exhaust (TERE) and other XTO Offshore-inspired features. 

“The new updated 4.2-litre V6 Offshore outboards now have many of the benefits previously only available on the XTO Offshore. Combining a high performance, big-block V6 engine featuring outstanding power and fuel efficiency, Yamaha brings new levels of convenience and control to a proven performer,” says Richard Shaw, National Marine Manager for Yamaha Motor New Zealand.


“The introduction of these outboards in addition to a new flush, side-mount control and Saltwater Series II HP propellers allows Yamaha to start the year with new innovative products that meet customer demand.”

New Yamaha V6 Offshore

The same smooth, fast and precise Digital Electric Steering (DES) introduced on the XTO Offshore is now built-in to F300 and F250 V6 variants. The latest boat steering technology provides smooth, fast steering and, unlike some conventional steering systems, draws battery amperage only when actively in use. DES is significantly more straightforward to rig than traditional steering systems. It creates an uncluttered bilge with no steering pumps, hoses, hydraulic lines or connections, no bleeding procedure, less complexity and straightforward serviceability. There’s also a bolt-on version of DES for conventional DEC models of the new V6 Offshore (available in F225, F250, and F300).

Thrust Enhancing Reverse Exhaust (TERE) keeps exhaust bubbles above the anti-ventilation plate and out of the propeller below 2500 rpm when in reverse. This means the prop bites only clean water, resulting in outstanding reverse thrust and control to back down on fish. It’s especially effective when combined with the fast precision of Digital Electric Steering and Helm Master EX full manoeuvrability, which is helpful around docks and confined spaces.


Yamaha’s exclusive TotalTilt function allows complete tilt-up from any position with a simple double push of the “UP” trim/tilt button, or full tilt down (until trim ram contact) by the same double push of the “DOWN” trim/tilt button. There’s also a new built-in integrated tilt limiter to help prevent inadvertent damage. Plus, built-in DES models tilt higher out of the water than previous models, which reduces the potential for corrosion.


Even after a decade of proven performance, the new 4.2-litre V6 Offshore has an improved lower unit featuring new components and design features that add durability, further increasing consumer confidence. 


As the only outboard manufacturer using a highly advanced, thermally applied plasma fusion process on the cylinder walls, Yamaha’s V6 Offshore outboards have no conventional steel cylinder sleeves. Yet, the cylinder walls are 60-percent harder than steel. That means larger cylinder bores for increased displacement result in more power and torque without increasing outer cylinder dimensions. It also results in a significantly lighter weight, better cooling and “micro-textured” cylinder walls that dramatically reduce internal friction loss, further increase performance and enhance reliability.

Capitalising on many styling cues from its big brother, the XTO-like appearance in pearlescent white or signature Yamaha grey now feature a colour-matched lower unit, a new one-piece top cowling with water-draining air duct moulding, a new bottom cowling and apron shape and raised chrome graphics on built-in DES models only.

The new flush, side-mount DEC for the Helm Master EX system, is designed to bring Helm Master EX’s benefits to a broader array of boats. Smooth, precise and easy to install, the control gives boat builders and dealers more flexibility when rigging, single and multi-engine craft where digital electronic control is desired. Customers, likewise, will enjoy its ergonomic design, useful features and comfortable operation.

Check out the video on the new engines

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