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Having kick-started the 2021 boating season with the launch of the all-new Yamaha V6 Offshore range, Yamaha has announced their latest outboard offerings. 


With boat owners increasingly looking to customise their boats’ look and finish, Yamaha has announced the release of pearlescent white engine options on their popular and F115, F150 and F200 outboard line-up. 

In 2020 Yamaha launched their Helm Master EX joystick boat control system, taking outboard integration to the next level. They recently launched the new Yamaha V6 Offshore range, which saw Yamaha’s exclusive built-in electric steering and enhanced reverse thrust capabilities come across from their big-horsepower V8 XTO425, with the choice of pearlescent white and traditional Yamaha grey finishes.

They offer this pearlescent white model option across all their key high-horsepower models, including XTO425, F300, F250 and now F200, F150 and F115, allowing owners of fibreglass, painted and wrapped aluminium hulls to match their engine colour to their boat finish.

Hot on the heels of the recent V6 Offshore release, Yamaha is also launching their newly upgraded VMAX SHO (Super High Output) 4.2L V6 range, which comes in 200, 225 and 250 horsepower options.

VMAX SHO’s have been engineered specifically to deliver an exceptional hole-shot and acceleration, with an equally impressive top-end speed. Initially created for the US tournament bass boat market, these premium outboards are also well suited to a wide range of high-octane boating activities, including water-skiing, racing, competitive fishing and other water sports.

They come with an increased alternator output by a massive 40%, producing 70 charging amps, enough to power an extensive range of electronic devices. The pearlescent white F115, F150 and F200 models are expected to hit our shores in the coming weeks, while the VMAX SHO is scheduled in July. 


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