Yanmar Add New Models

by admin

Two new engine series, the 6LF and 6LT, were launched by Yanmar Marine recently.

The two new series are an advanced six-model powerboat line-up which extends Yanmar’s portfolio of common rail marine diesel engines to encompass an output range from 40mhp to 640mhp. This represents the most comprehensive product range available from any marine engine manufacturer.

With the 485-640mhp span in the 6LF and 6LT engines, this enables Yanmar to supply boat owners with compact, high-performance units for new markets and a widening customer base. The two engine series are well-suited for leisure boats as well as light duty commercial applications.

The two series, consisting of the 3000rpm 6LF485, 6LF530 and 6LF550 engines and 2530rpm 6LT500, 6LT580 and 6LT640 engines, feature Yanmar’s next generation VC20 vessel control system for enhanced onboard comfort and an easier overall boating experience. The global emission-certified diesel engines also offer leading fuel economy and are compatible with a wide range of fuel types.

Available as a complete Yanmar package including engine, ZF transmission and VC20 vessel control system, the 6LF and 6LT are supplied with a full range of options. The 6LF and 6LT series will be available from Q3, 2020.


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