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For owners who want to use their boats for water sports but don’t have a dedicated pylon, the 198 Ski Tow from Accon Marine is ideal.

Flush-mounted on the transom, it provides a secure spot to attach a tow rope and is a far better solution than putting strain on a cleat or chock. The 198 Ski Tow is designed to accommodate all standard tow rope diameters, without having any part of the fitting protrude and create a snag point.

Solidly constructed, the patented four-piece assembly includes the polished main body, a backing plate, sealing cup and a gasket. Measuring 9cm L x 9cm W x 3.2cm D, Accon Marine’s 198 Flush-Mounted Ski Tow is simple to install with common household tools. Owners simply drill a 6cm and four pilot holes in the transom and attach the hardware with 6.35mm screws.

Originator of the Pop-Up Cleat, Accon Marine manufactures a full line of innovative flush-mounted deck hardware, lifting cleats and navigation lights. The company prides itself on innovative and superior-quality products that are built to last.


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