AA Champion Lithium Smart Battery

by admin

AA Solar has recently released a new AA Champion Lithium 12V Smart Battery.

The new battery was introduced in early June and has very quickly become the team’s product of choice. Due to its light weight, Built-in BMS, and configuration flexibility, customers are loving the longer cycle life, Bluetooth monitoring, fast charging, and of course the amount of power on hand.

AA Solar has already used this new battery in numerous RV upgrades, a home, and several industrial mobile applications.  These batteries are ideal for marine use, and offer a number special features, such as a longer cycle life, lighter weight (60% lighter than comparable lead acid battery) and the battery delivers twice the power of a lead acid battery.

The AA Champion offers superior safety as there is no risk of explosion or combustion due to high impact, overcharging or sort circuiting. The modular design enables the use of up to four batteries in a series or parallel and Bluetooth monitoring can be done via a Smartphone App.


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