ECO Vision At The Boat Works

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Environmental management, sustainability and stringent procedures are top priorities at the Coomera, Queensland based The Boat Works.

The Boat Works has pursued the unique vision for the new northern superyacht shipyard, integrating high-tech water filtration systems and water harvesting innovations at the world-class facility.

From the start of construction, the objective was to create an eco-friendly marina and shipyard. The first step was rehabilitating the surrounding landscape and protecting the marine ecosystem across both yards, determined to set a new benchmark for clean, green marinas.

The north yard was specifically designed and built to be fully self-sufficient, making optimal use of the site in its layout, including concrete slabs with an effective gradient for collecting and channelling all water used on site for antifouling and other works.

Water used on site is drawn from the supply of 500,000 litres of stored rainwater, while extensive bio gardens throughout the yard are not only an aesthetic advantage, they are also part of the sophisticated filtration and purification process that filter roof & ground water.

Using the proudly Australian-made treatment process from Fox Environmental Systems, trade waste is treated by three onsite separators, treating oil, fuel and suspended wastewater. All wastewater is treated and passed through a ‘first-flush’ interceptor removing contaminates before being recycled for re-use or discharging into Council sewers.

The new superyacht sheds are illuminated with ‘high bay’ Aqualuma LED lights, premium commercial lighting that conserves energy and enhances the workspace in terms of safety and fatigue.

Mangroves along the waterfront have revived the marine ecosystem and protect the riverbank from wash. Mass planting and advanced trees provide shade, shelter and divide the large space into a series of working landscapes.

 “As custodians of this waterfront land, our aim since the beginning has been to surpass standards set for the marina industry,” said The Boat Works CEO, Tony Longhurst. “We are committed to operating sustainably and with minimal impact on the environment.”

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