ATL Celebrates 40 Years In Composites

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Norman R. Wright & Sons, has been collaborating with ATL for around 30 years with boats such as this sport fisherman, Aura, built using ATL Composites materials.

ATL Composites is celebrating 40 years of supplying innovative composite products to the marine, automotive, industrial and construction industries.

Paying tribute to the vision of founder, Arnie Duckworth, who established the business in New Zealand in 1977, and the efforts, expertise and ingenuity contributed by ATL staff over the decades, Director Nicholas Cossich said: “Without question, 40 years would have been impossible without the dedication, hard work and skill of our past and present talented staff who are very much looking forward to the future challenges and opportunities that our dynamic industry always presents.”

Mr Cossich also honoured the support and collaboration of ATL’s valued clients. “Success to date would not have been achieved without the firm support of our valued clients, distributors, dealers, colleagues, engineers, designers and naval architects to whom we are exceedingly grateful.”

The origins of the company are proudly in boat building, in the late 70s when Mr Duckworth, an avid sailor, relocated to NZ after a period working for the legendary Gougeon Brothers Inc in the US.

The Gougeons had developed the WEST SYSTEM epoxy system, that was revolutionising timber boat construction, by stabilising the moisture content of the wood. Back in the boat building powerhouse of NZ, Mr Duckworth observed a market for epoxy products to supply to the burgeoning marine industry, manufacturing WEST SYSTEM epoxy products under licence to Gougeon Brothers for the Asia Pacific region.

In 1980, ATL Composites expanded its footprint, opening a facility in Australia, in Brookvale on Sydney’s northern beaches, to service the professional boatbuilding market. ATL over the years went on to develop other world-leading boatbuilding products such as DuraKore Strip Plank Construction, Technifill XP a pre-filled fairing compound, Techniglue R60 structural adhesive, and DuFLEX Composite Panels.

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