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World’s only battery powered, jet propelled tender in production at SCIBS.

Highfield Boats and ZeroJet will release the E330, the world’s only battery powered, jet propelled tender in production at the 2024 Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show. Highfield, represented by Northside Marine will headline the world’s only battery powered, jet propelled tender on their large waterfront display at SCIBS 2024, showcasing the brand’s class-leading aluminium-hulled RIBs. Featuring ZeroJet proprietory technology developed and made in New Zealand integrated into the compact RIB, the Highfield E Jet 330 is powered by ZeroJet’s 18kW Jet Drive system.

The Highfield E330 is a 3.36-metre (11-foot) RIB with a sturdy aluminium hull, 1.82-metre (6-foot) beam, and capacity for up to five passengers. At 3.36-metres long and 1.82 metres wide, and with a 15-degree deadrise, the E330 features a 48V battery and 18kW of power, equivalent to 25hp. The boat can reach an impressive 20 knots maximum speed.

As well as the general benefits of electric over combustion (no petrol or diesel emissions, less noise, fewer moving parts and less maintenance, and a faster start), there are several benefits for electric jets when compared to electric outboards.

These include no exposed propeller for safer use in the water and safer swimming, a lower profile for easy beaching and access to shallow water, easier to stow and store, and light weight.

Neil Mans, the inventor of the ZeroJet, designed and developed the technology for the fast-growing powered board sports market. “But it was the international boating industry that quickly jumped upon it and said ‘we need that!’ So, the business pivoted to recreational boating and the rest is history!” According to Neil, the benefits are myriad and include “low maintenance, easy to use and a thrill to drive”.

“We use the safest Lithium chemistry, which is Lithium Iron Phosphate – DNV certified Dutch battery from Super B. There’s no gearbox and a closed loop cooling system, meaning no saltwater passes though components. It uses 48V, a safe, low voltage and the highest performing 48V system in the market, producing 18kW which is equivalent to 25hp.”

The ZeroJet uses the latest and safest batteries and charging technology, which eliminates the need for carrying fuel and jerry cans on board. It boasts a great range and performance achieving up to 20 knots and 20 nautical miles of range, plus fast and efficient battery charging. It requires minimal servicing and is suitable for stowage in a tender garage, swim platform or foredeck.

Battery life and recharging times are impressive, as Neil explains: “For the average boatie, the battery would last an entire weekend of typical tender use going back and forth to shore which is one hour at full speed or seven hours at slow speeds. “Then recharge is around 2.5 hours on fast charge (fast charge option) or 5 hours with the standard charger.

But most of all, it’s a thrilling, silent ride. “Driving an electric jet boat is the easiest experience you'll ever have; it's fast, fun, and you can't help but smile,” says Neil. “The lack of loud engine noise means you can have a normal conversation while underway and no smell of burned fuel. The wide tubes and flat floor make getting in and out of the boat a breeze.

“On top of this, the E330 is a nimble and incredibly manoeuvrable boat giving a very intuitive feeling for even the most inexperienced user when docking up to your mothership. Then when you are all done, simply plug it in ready for your next use.” Bill Hull, Sales Manager at Northside Marine, says “it’s going to be awesome to launch the Highfield E330 with ZeroJet propulsion at SCIBS – something innovative and new”. “We’ve already held on-water days for a lot of big boat manufacturers, and from that perspective, we’ve received great feedback. They love everything about it! We’re looking forward to showing it at SCIBS and seeing the response from boat owners, and we have booked test days post-show for people to experience it for themselves.”

As Bill explains, people will enjoy “the versatility of the E330, especially the transom, which boasts a swim platform, and the quiet ride”. “There’s no exhaust fumes from outboard engines, all you can hear is the water and the wind.” Along with the incredible E330 with ZeroJet propulsion, Highfield will display their latest Sport 660, 600 and 560 models along with a full range of their popular and sturdy aluminium-hulled tenders. Highfield Boats will exhibit on the Promenade, overlooking the marina at SCIBS 2024, 23 to 26 May.

Watch the Highfield E330 with ZeroJet in action here:





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