Hydro Hoist Unveils the Newest PWC Docking Platform

by admin

Hydro Hoist Boat Lifts, a leading manufacturer of docking systems, has announced the release of their latest design, the HydroPort Epic.

For the ultimate in convenience and to improve the safety of those boarding the vessel, the Epic PWC platform was designed with a broader walkway and built-in anti-slip surface for easier access around the craft. The additional walkway footprint also allows operators to safely clean and cover their PWC after use without having to balance on smaller walkways. 

For simple maintenance, the HydroPort Epic is equipped with enhanced drainage to remove any debris and water from the platform. A redesigned rear entry allows for a smoother loading and launching process. Keeping current customers in mind, this PWC platform can connect with the existing HydroPort Extreme model so that individuals and marinas can continue to grow their HydroPort fleet. 

For maximum utility, the HydroPort Epic includes six sets of UV protected wheels, with the ability to lift 2,000-pounds. The Epic model is available in blue, gray and tan, and weighs 430 pounds. 


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