Zipwake Series E

by admin

IMTRA, has expanded its Zipwake Dynamic Trim Control System offerings with the new Series E line of interceptors.

The Zipwake Series E is a family of large fast-acting interceptors perfectly engineered for bigger boats. The new product line evolved from the successful Series S that was designed for vessels from 6-15M. 

Series E includes three straight, three tunnel and two chine interceptors. When arranged to use the length of the stern for lift generation, the new interceptors are much more efficient at creating lift compared to narrow-span trim tabs. The large, modular design of the interceptors make them durable, affordable and particularly well suited for any planing or semi-planing boat between 12-30M. Capable of rapid deployment, the Series E deploys at a speed of 40 mm per second for a total stroke of 60 mm.

In contrast to straight interceptors, the tunnel interceptor’s constant radius curvature allows for mounting above the propeller tunnel. The three tunnel models (R500, R600 and R800) have different radii, making sure that most large boat propeller tunnels can be covered with the negligible deviation between the hull and interceptor curvature. Chine interceptors provide a unique means of maximising pitch and roll motion control by using the furthest outboard surfaces of the hull bottom for lift generation and roll reduction. 

Unique 3D controls with a large LCD provide the helmsman with unmatched, user-friendly, intuitive and precise control of running trim, heel or heading. The system is fully automatic and significantly enhances the boat’s performance, fuel economy, comfort and safety. All interceptor models can be included as an option for new builds, installed as an aftermarket retrofit or added to expand existing Zipwake systems already in use.

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