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At Innovision Boats were all about making a product that stands out from the pack. Our plumb bow designs are definitely different and we have already proven that our hulls have a superior soft ride, the dynamic transom design providing great stability, but that’s not enough for us. We have been striving to create a very unique look that screams class. A look that truly makes our brand stands in a class of its own.

In summer 2018-19 I got some inspiration from a classic designed 30fter moored in the Ngunguru estuary. We love the look of the classic boats, they are classy and when you see a nicely finished one you stand there and go wow, that’s cool, they are like classic cars. There are not many (if any) alloy trailer boats that have that effect on you – most are fairly ordinary and no one is really pushing the boundaries. 

Working with aluminium you are very restricted to what you can achieve. You have flat plate from which you have to develop a 3D shape out of. You can use wheeling machines to stretch the plate but this takes time and adds a lot of extra labour to the build. All our designs were designed with performance first, then we would work out how to build it after. Other manufactures design their hulls to suit a simple design/build process to save manufacturing costs. The result, you end you with an ordinary hull.

The new look is an option you can choose from our original look. The benefits are that the foredeck is flat, there are no side decks cutting into the foredeck area and you have a massive area up forward, which makes for a great casting platform. With no raised rail this actually makes it easier to access the bow. There is more volume in the V bunk area allowing for a second shelf for extra storage. All round there is lots of benefits to the new look.

We can appreciate this look is not for everyone. Some people just don’t like change but that is ok.

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