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AkzoNobel been selected to join Australian Made Campaign.

International®, the renowned yacht brand under AkzoNobel, has been selected to join the Australian Made Campaign in its commitment to support local craftsmanship with premium quality products.

Micron AP®, Micron Extra 2®, Micron One®, Ultra 2, Trilux® 33 and Primocon® are the first International® yacht coatings products to receive this prestigious accreditation from the renowned not-for-profit organisation. These five fouling control coatings and a primer will now bear the iconic green and gold Australian-made logo which serves as a symbol of authenticity and quality for ethically sourced products originating from the country.

Produced at AkzoNobel’s Sunshine site in Melbourne, the products met the strict criteria of high standards for quality, craftsmanship and production set out by the Australian Made Campaign. The Australian Made initiative, which launched in 1999, aims to promote the growth and sustainability of Australian manufacturers, growers, and producers, with the logo providing an easy way for consumers to identify locally produced goods.

Irina Atanasova, AkzoNobel’s Yacht Sales Manager for Australia, said: ”We are thrilled to announce our participation in the Australian Made initiative. “This decision underscores our commitment to supporting local industries and upholding stringent quality standards. As part of AkzoNobel, a global company with a strong local presence, we are dedicated to contributing to the growth and sustainability of Australian manufacturing. By proudly displaying the Australian Made logo, we reinforce our dedication to excellence.”

Ben Lazzaro, Australian Made Campaign Chief Executive, said: “Australian products are made to some of the highest standards in the world. “They are trusted and known for their safety and quality. There is a huge appetite out there for Australian products, with country of origin increasingly playing an important part in purchasing decisions. “It’s great to see support for local manufacturing continue in many industries, including the boating and maritime industry.”

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