Maritimo Release X-Series Upgrades

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Maritimo, has taken high performance, luxury boating to a new level with the introduction of exclusive new upgrades available for its highly successful X-Series range of sport motor yachts. 

The company has ‘unleashed the R Performance Edition and lifestyle upgrade’ for the X-Series and interest has already been very strong. The R Performance Edition combines upgraded power with highly efficient propulsion through upgraded high performance custom tuned propellers, delivering 36 knot wide open throttle elation, as well as a range of entertainment and living features.

The X-Series R Performance Edition internationally premiered virtually across multiple digital platforms recently in the form of a commandingly distinctive full monotone grey exterior X50R.

The X50R spearheads the new performance and lifestyle package option with twin Tier III 800 MHP DI13 Scania power units, delivering breathtaking responsiveness and exhilarating performance.

The X60R follows and is made available with twin Tier III 1150 MHP DI16 Scania power units, creating the ultimate high-speed cruising sport motor yacht, Maritimo has ever produced.

“The R Performance Edition is born from decades of our racing experience and technology, symbolizing the unearthed advancements of our world champion racing division,” said Maritimo lead designer and current UIM XCat world champion, Tom Barry-Cotter.

“Owners can expect an effortless high-speed cruising experience like no other, as well as a huge assortment of top line lifestyle and entertainment features.

“And then there’s the 36-knot wide open throttle elation”.

Featuring Maritimo’s signature straight shaft technology the X50R also includes a custom balanced and highly tuned performance propeller package which extracts maximum efficiency whilst transitioning the upgraded power into propulsion.

All R Performance Edition X-Series models feature a customizable aft accommodation space that increases the size of living spaces in the forward accommodation and neutrally balances the hull for enhanced performance, fuel economy and ride comfort.

Accessible from both saloon and swim platform deck, the aft accommodation space features a standard beach club cabin with ensuite.

R Performance Edition X-Series models’ handling and manoeuvrability also benefit from race infused hydraulic power steering and a Yacht Controller joystick system.

“The R Performance Edition is another highlight of what the highly skilled engineers, designers and craftspeople here at Maritimo are capable of crafting – a world class performance sport yacht of the highest calibre and pedigree.” said Barry-Cotter.

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