Premium Portable Fridge/freezers From Dometic

by admin

Dometic is launching the new generation of its popular portable fridge/freezer: the CFX series.

The next generation CFX3 models are not only superior in design but also achieve impressive energy efficiency. The release includes a model equipped with a world-first ice maker. Dometic continues to expand its customer base and channels by releasing the CFX3 globally. 

Dometic has done extensive consumer research prior to the development of the new generation CFX series. The study showed modern consumers want to keep their everyday life rituals even when they are far from home. Active people on adventures still want fresh and healthy food without compromising or wasting the time they spend outside or off the grid.

The CFX3 achieves impressive energy efficiency. Combined with its capability of consistently maintaining refrigerated or freezing temperature, the CFX3 allows outdoor adventurers to go even further and stay longer. Fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, and more being easily accessible in the CFX3 will ensure users are well-fed and healthy while living mobile. 

The award-winning Dometic global design team created this generation of portable fridge/freezers focusing on consumer behaviour and needs. The CFX3 has many innovative designs for better user experience, including an enhanced user interface, easy to open latches, heavy-duty yet lightweight construction, improved LED lights, and solid anchors to secure the unit in vehicles. At the same time, the CFX3 still retains the ruggedness that outdoor adventurers require while on their journeys.

The electronics have received an impressive upgrade with the CFX3 series now equipped with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi remote control functionality for increased usability and lower power consumption. The CFX3 now has a more powerful USB charger output to power important devices faster. Also, the new control panel is certified as weatherproof.

For even better control of the fridge/freezer from mobile devices, the new Dometic CFX3 app has graphs to monitor temperature and power consumption, giving users control at their fingertips. 

The Dometic CFX3 55IM model has a unique function that is the first of its kind in the market. The single-zone fridge/freezer has a dedicated section for an ice maker inside with ice-trays that can create ice while running the main compartment as a fridge.

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