Quad 44 Electric Powercat

by admin

Quad Marine brings the revolution to the marine industry with the introduction of the Quad 44, a groundbreaking new electric catamaran.

The Quad 44 offers much more than just an alternative to outdated internal combustion engine propulsion. It identifies the design flaws and usability problems of traditional catamarans, discarded old ways of thinking, and devised innovative new solutions. The result is a unique design that the manufacturers claim will give dramatically improved performance, safety, and accommodation space. 

Quad Marine are gearing up to start production of the Quad 44 electric Catamaran in France beginning in 2020. The Quad 44 is powered by clean, silent, and maintenance-free electric drive units on each of the lower hulls. High-capacity battery banks are located within the twin hulls where they are isolated from the passenger space. Dual solar arrays deliver several kilowatts of power to extend the cruising range.   

The lower hulls have a freeboard of only .61m, allowing easy and safe boarding from a side dock with no need for boarding stairs. Access to the central raised hull is through entry doors on both sides of the boat. Once the day’s cruising destination is reached, the twin hulls serve as spacious recreation decks for sunning, swimming, or fishing.


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