Quick Balder BL2 Windlass

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The new Balder BL2 windlass by Quick Spa has been described as a logical and sensible windlass.

A common issue with small boats is finding practical space to mount a winch. Then there is the desire of manufacturers to create smooth, pleasing lines and the known issue of requiring vertical fall for hands-free winches. Combined they can create many compromises in installation and performance.

The Balder BL2 by Quick is designed to be mounted on a bulkhead below decks, typically in an anchor well. Doing so means the winch can be mounted on the centreline of the boat, often an issue for small boats, the unit is kept away from direct contact with waves, the rope/chain can fall vertically, and all the smooth lines of the design are retained. Plus, there is nothing to stub your toes on!

The Quick Balder BL2 is available in six motor options, 600w, 900w and 1200w, giving working loads between 200kg and 420kg. Each option can be ordered as either 12v or 24v.

This is a completely hands-free and free-fall winch designed for vessels between 6 and 14 metres. Each is supplied with an embedded chain counter sensor, chain guide device, pressure lever and free-fall system. Also included is Quick’s legendary performance and after-sales service.

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