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The new MC² Quick Gyro 10 is now available in DC and AC versions. 


The MC² Quick Gyro X10 stabiliser from Quick SpA of Italy is now included in both the MC² Quick Gyro DC range for 12V systems, characterised by a ‘plug and play installation and in the MC² Quick Gyro AC range, ideal for boats up to 250 tonnes.

The X10 gyroscopic stabiliser suits boats from 35ft-45ft. The extremely reduced weight and dimensions characterise the powerful and reactive system compared to the other systems on the market, a noise level of fewer than 70 decibels, and a natural dissipation system.

“Gyroscopic stabilisers sales in the nautical market are constantly increasing,” says Quick president and CEO Michele Marzucco. “For this reason, Quick Spa has been working hard to meet the owners and shipyards’ needs, introducing a high-performing model with reduced dimensions and weight.”

The MC² Quick Gyro stabiliser range is designed, engineered and produced by Quick and is equipped with a mass revolving around a horizontal axis. This solution results in less mechanical stress, less friction and therefore, lower heat output.

The system is also naturally dissipated, meaning it does not require additional water pumps or seawater inlets, unlike the water-cooled systems.

Quick Gyro stabilisers comprise 12 models, from the X2 to the X56. Regardless of the type of boat on which they need to be installed, the systems are available in various sizes and solutions.


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