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Sealegs International recently announced Salterns Brokerage as it’s dealer partner of the year for 2021.

Salterns is situated in Poole Harbor, Dorset and provide a full range of services to over 150 Sealegs customers in both the UK and Ireland. Salterns Brokerage first partnered with Sealegs in 2012 and next year will be celebrating a 10 years of co-operation. They recently delivered Bear Grylls his 3rd Sealegs and the 1500th for Sealegs. Salterns have grown sales over 150% in the last 12 months.

Sealegs CEO, David McKee Wright said “the team at Salterns are hardworking, diligent, friendly, professional, and overall represent the Sealegs brand to the highest level. All of those who meet the team at Salterns will agree this award is well deserved.”

Mckee Wright went on to reference Bear Grylls’ comment after accepting delivery of his new Sealegs earlier in the year and how it demonstrates the strength of Salterns’ partnership and attention to detail with their clients.

Bear Grylls said “Thank you Russell for such a thorough and care-filled job, helping us customise our island Sealegs. From design to delivery, always a pro!”

Sealegs and Salterns are planning the commercial release of the Sealegs electric range in the UK, in time for the Southampton Boat Show. Salterns have demonstrated the astounding demand for Sealegs in the UK territory, and the addition of the Sealegs electric amphibious craft will further amplify their success.

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