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John Baanders, the inventor of Ecobaits, has gone a step further and added Ecobombs to his environmentally conscious bait product.

The larger Ecobombs have been tested to have a 2+hrs lifespan while rigorously shaken every half hour.

John says he will be following these first Ecobombs with ones that will have a four-hour duration. The Ecobomb does not require freezing which is a real plus and is effective over a much longer period than a conventional berley bomb.

 The mini pots, which will be the same material as the other larger biodegradable trays, can have a hook passed through them and retained on a short trace separate to the bait hook. Their purpose is to be used at intervals on any long line, whether commercial, Contiki, or drone lines. They could even be used for surfcasting. 

John says he will be adding a gauze sock to cover the tub to keep fish from stealing the berley.

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