Sealver Wave Boat 656

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Sealver Wave Boat 656

What is a Sealver Wave Boat? Simply, it transforms your regular jet ski into a powerboat in seconds. Barry Thompson checks out this very innovative and unique French concept that connects two boating mediums into one.

THE SEALVER WAVE BOAT 656 IS A HULL OF A BOAT WHICH CAN BE USED WITH ALMOST ANY PWC. The Sealver Wave Boat allows you to enjoy the full use of a PWC or a boat. Once you are anchored or beached, you can simply reverse the PWC from the boat and use the PWC on its own. The Sealver Wave Boat 656 is essentially a donor platform that means you can still enjoy the benefits of a jetski but have the ability to transport up to seven people, picnic equipment and fun tow toys to your destination.

This is the most luxurious model of the Wave Boat range. Spacious and user-friendly, the Wave Boat 656 has all the qualities of an open boat. RAD Marine is the exclusive New Zealand distributor for Sealver Wave Boats. The boats are built in the South of France and exported to more than 50 countries worldwide. 3D Virtual Reality technology is used to shape, mould and design these very different watercraft. The construction process of Sealver Wave Boats is all fibreglass, creating a craft that is durable and lightweight without compromising the strength.


One of the critical features of the Wave Boat design is its ability to accept virtually any PWC, regardless of brand. They use what the company call compatibility kits. These make switching between jet ski models or brands achievable and effortless. This patented system keeps the jet ski perfectly connected to the boat and prevents any movement.

The attachment process takes a matter of seconds, and once you’re out on the water, you can detach the jet ski if desired. Locked together the Wave Boat 656 and the PWC function as one running unit. The compatibility kit consist of a front unit attached to the front portion of the Wave Boat’s guide and precisely contours and accept the front of the PWC’s hull.

There is also a side rail that bolts to both sides of the boat’s guide. This cradles the side of the PWC on either side of the hull/deck bond lines. Some of the side rails utilise a two-piece system that goes above and below the bond line, and other side rails have a one-piece setup with a groove that the side of the PWC locks into depending on the make and model of PWC that you will be using.

The front unit and side units are bolted to the Wave Boat. These bolts are easily removable, allowing you to bolt up a new compatibility kit to change PWC models on the same Wave Boat platform. Since the retractable boat buckle system is not model-specific, it is a one-size-fits-all system

To attach to your PWC, once it is driven or moved into the boat, you pull on the retractable strap and buckle it to the existing rear tie-down eyelets on your PWC. I tried it, and it is indeed swift and easy. 

The boat buckle system is made out of high-quality stainless material for reliability and corrosion protection. The front unit and side rails of the compatibility system are made from a high density mould which gives precise alignment and rigidity.

Once locked in place, I found it easy to drive the boat as I would a conventional jetboat, in forward and reverse or tossing it into the customary 360 deg jet spin. Okay so there is no steering wheel or tiller and if you have never driven a PWC before it takes a little getting used to. But it’s not hard, and I mastered it reasonably quickly for a novice PWC rider.

One of the reasons that boats such as the Wave Boat 656 have never been popular in the past is that PWCs didn’t have the power to push them along at any reasonable pace. But that’s all changed, and 260hp-310hp PWCs are now the norm. Drop that sort of power into the Wave Boat, and you have a very quick and fun to drive boat. You can run just about any ski, with better than 180hp in the Wave Boat 656. With our Yamaha Wave runner SVHO we saw a top speed around 80 km/h.

While I only ran the Wave Boat around in the calm confines of the Mangawhai Harbour, RAD Marine’s Kerry Radford has been offshore and even as far as taking the 656 to the Mokohinau islands. They said that the 60nm round trip was extremely comfortable sitting on around 25 knots and using around 40 lph.

“We wanted to experience for ourselves how the boat rode and handled in Kiwi boating conditions, and we were pleasantly surprised as to just how capable it was”, says Kerry.

On another trip out to the Hen & Chicken Islands, he says they punched home in a 20 knot Souwester and again the boat handled it exceptionally well.

So where is the market for the Wave Boat 656? Kerry says that it is very broad, from the adrenaline junkie to those wanting a versatile family fun boat that will give them everything from a fishing platform to a very cool boat for towing water toys.


The 656 is available in three layouts; Wake, Sundeck and the boat I reviewed, the top of the line Full Wake. Main differences are what you get with the basic boat, but all three are based on the same 6.56m x 2.46m hull. The base boat weight starts at 600kg, but with all our extras, we came in closer to 800 kgs without the Yamaha Waverunner.

Add the ski, and you have an all-up weight around 1170kgs and a trailerable weight under 1500 kgs. RAD Marine have added some options to bring their first 656, such as rod holders, U-Dek and fridge. The standard boat comes with wakeboard tower, bimini top, table, Fusion stereo, a rear sun lounger and a hand held shower
with a 40 litre water tank.

While you don’t need a fuel tank as you already have that on the PWC, there is an optional 140 fuel tank if you need to top up the ski while out for your day’s boating.

Essentially the 656 is a bowrider with U shape seating forward with storage under the squabs and a drop-in table that can convert the entire space into a large lounger. There is an anchor locker which might just be big enough for a small drum winch.

There is a wide walk-through to the rear of the boat with a fridge built-in to starboard and a handheld shower to port. You have the option of a pair of aft-facing recliner-type
sun loungers, or in our boat, the starboard side recliner was replaced with a bin seat that is to be converted to a live bait tank. Very Kiwi! Also, if you want full access around the ski, you can leave the seating modules out altogether. I would suggest the bimini canopy is a must have in the summer. A super-cool benefit of the Sealver Wave Boats is that it has a small safe area for kids to splash around in, once the PWC has been removed. The holding space for the ski in this case also allows for adult swimmers to easily step out the water and into the boat.

The Sealver Wave Boat line up consists of a wide variety of models and sizes to choose from, and they range in their abilities to handle different water conditions. There are two smaller versions of the Wave Boat, the 4.4m WB444 and the 5.25m, WB525, plus three RIBS; WB575, WB626 and the Z7 Series. Fishing, diving, towing water toys or just having
fun on the water, there is a Wave Boat to suit your needs.

  • It’s a quick and easy manoeuver to drive the ski in or out.
  • The table drops to convert the bow into a big sun lounger.
  • Wet locker or live bait tank, your choice.
  • We had a Yamaha SVHO to
    power the Wave Boat 656.
  • You have the option twin sun
  • A strap and buckle system locks the ski to the boat.

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