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Scania Engines has been rebranded Scania Power Solutions to reflect the widening range of power options Scania offers.

This reflects the capabilities of its marine, industrial and power-generation engines range. The move comes at a critical moment as Scania continues its journey towards electrification.

Scania says they are now rapidly approaching the point where the advances they have made in electrification will be shared with their engine customers.

The coming years will see new products such as hybrid Scania engines introduced for marine, industrial and power-generation applications. Scania has announced the plan is to progressively move toward full electrification.

Scania engines have a reputation for reliability, fuel efficiency, ease of maintenance and durability. Scania is also a popular choice among generator set manufacturers, and Scania-powered gensets can today be found providing power for a diverse range of applications.

Scania has seen a growth in marine engine sales in New Zealand and Australia, with the recently launched Good Newz one of the latest examples. (See Pacific PowerBoat Magazine Mar-Apr 2021 issue for full story).

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