Waterproof Wireless Phone Charger

by admin

The days of messing with phone charger cables are over, with the release of the world’s first range of certified waterproof, wireless phone chargers. 

 The ROKK wireless system is the world’s first range of certified waterproof, wireless phone chargers. Compatible with both 12- and 24-volt power systems, this unique charging technology is housed in a fully encapsulated and sealed unit, so there are no messy cables. You just put your phone in the adjustable dock and charging begins.

The docks have been carefully designed to have the smallest footprint possible, so you can mount them virtually anywhere onboard your vessel.  The ROKK System will ensure your phone is held securely even in the toughest conditions whether mounted on a flat or vertical surface.

And the charging is ultra-efficient, with ROKK system fully certified to the highest standards of the internationally recognised Qi wireless protocol, which is used by global brands such as Apple, Google, HTC, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung and more.

So now, whatever the weather, whatever the conditions, you can make sure your phone will be powered up and ready for use… whether that be checking messages or putting out an emergency call.


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